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When she kissed her boyfriend goodnight and he told her to have a great time with her girlfriends on their girls night this isn’t exactly what he had in mind! Lucky for him he is blissfully that his sweet little angel has he skirt hitched up around her waist and her legs dangling over the shoulders of some cheesy male stripper!!! When you put a huge group of wild and horny women together all at different states of drunkenness and introduce some naked male strippers into the room, the excitement of these crazy ladies is is just off the charts.

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The dancing bear and co are back at it and this time at yet another wild bachelorette party pleasing another group of horny women with the gift of cock.  The blonde bride to be in this dancing bear vid is quite something and very enthusiastic literally leaping onto one of the male strippers and sucking dick like a woman possessed while one of her friends in the bridal party gets herself so hot and bothered that she drops her panties to the floor to get her pussy licked by the well hung black male stripper.

The highlight of this video is definitely watching the bride the very day before her wedding sucking cock and getting a cum facial from one of the strippers in front of all her friends.  If only her husband knew just what his future wife was up to behaving like a total drunk whore, you almost have to feel sorry for him.


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Hahaha she looks like she doesnt quite know what she’s just done is surprised at how she got in this position on her knees with cum dripping down her cheeks and mouth and all her dear close friends watching on. LOL

It was her little secret but now everyone knows just how much she loves penis. Hell! shes wearing it all over her face and now her friends have the pictures to prove it. This girl certainly isnt alone tho and is just one of many pretty faces to got splattered with male stripper sperm that night. One we start to play the music and the dancing bear and his strippers burst into the room its like something takes over these normally reserved and proper women and they literally compete with each other to gain the attention of the strippers, patting them on the ass and giving handjobs and blowjobs. Theres always one girl tho who is determined to be the one to milk the cum from the guys and many of the girls put on a little show of their own to impress their friends and the strippers.

They may regret it the next day but who gives a fuck when we got the whole thing on tape to watch over and over again!!! Fucking brilliant. ;)

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Damm, I really like this girl, she just looks so pretty with a strippers cum all over her face! Its a funny thing that most girls do look better with cum on their faces but theres some girls who you just cant imagine it. When i watched this dancing bear video this girl stood out as being so innocent looking and sweet so it was awesome to see her really enjoying giving a blowjob to a complete stranger and be the one to get a nice facial!
The office parties are my favourite, i just love the look of a sophisticated office girl in business outfit behaving like a total dick mad slut. Its funny when they think they can get away with it the inner slut comes out in all the girls and they all greedily play with and suck cock of the male strippers putting on a performance. The guys had the time of their lives at this office cfnm blowjob party and sure made all the pussies in the room very wet, One of the guys even snuck off for a private party in a back office and fucked the receptionist on a desk while a few of her coworkers watched on!

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Seriously this is what these guys do for a job!! What a bunch of cunts. While the rest of us work these guys are getting paid to get blowjobs from a whole assortment of hot women, maybe even fucking some more than willing girl and blowing their loads over an excited and pretty face! Some guys just get all the luck but all i know is this has to be one of the hottest things ive ever seen, I mean these are real women with strippers, not tarted up pornstars and theyre doing the most outrageous and explicit stuff without a care in the world.

This is the dancing bear and this is their life! Its a different cfnm party every night and these male strippers have lost count of how many mouths they have fucked. We get all sorts at these crazy parties – married women, professional working women, bored housewives, zany college girls and penis loving milfs, we find that all girls have one thing in common tho. They just love cock!!! we film them fucking and sucking to their hearts content :)


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Jenny is getting married and its time to celebrate so all her friends have packed her place and decided to throw her a last party as a single woman and one she wont forget. Sounds like a job for the dancing bear strippers who you know will send her off from single life with a bang! This one turned out to be one of my favourite videos with the guys literally circling the room to give the whole houseful of horny women a chance at sucking and playing with their cocks. The question is of course who will be the brave one to take the cumshot and wether to swallow?

A free streaming sample video is available of these hot women with strippers as well as sample videos of some of the latest bachelorette parties and wild girls night out sexy fun. These guys actually get paid to get blowjobs and sometimes even fuck some of the most gorgeous women as they go cock crazy when the male strippers enter the room and dance! awesome stuff.

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This was one hell of a dancing bear cfnm party and the theme was Hawaii, all the girls were dressed up in cute little bikinis and they really had the time of their lives with the strippers down at the beach and out in the open. As usually happens at the dancing bear shows there was plenty of dick sucking and crazy party games with the naked guys with cream being licked off their nipples and of course sucked straight from their cocks!

The poor guy worked up quite a sweat in his bear outfit but it came off soon enough much the horny ladies delight and they literally competed with each other for his attentions and a chance to feel his nude body and of course his cock which got harder and harder as the wild women groped and fondled it.. Damm, what a lucky bastard and to think that these guys actually get paid to do this!!

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The dancing bear is at it again with a fun loving college girl on a dirty girls night out. After a few drinks and as the anticipation builds the women are pumped and want some action and the bear is here to deliver entering the room to the sound of music and wild women clapping and cheering. This hot babe teases our stripping bear and rubs her ass against his cock trying to make him hard and it isn’t long before the suit comes off and the ladies are desperately grabbing at his erect dick!

After seeing an eyefull of stripper cock the women go absolutely wild, patting him on the ass even giving him handjobs and blowjobs right in front of their friends. This crazy party was just nuts and we caught all the action on video :) Its all just part of a days work for our lucky male strippers but there is certainly worse ways to earn your money than getting sucked off by random horny women till you blow your load!

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All the girls line up for a chance to suck on our lucky strippers cock and compete for their attention. These girls are totally out of control and when the boys are away the girls will play! They’ve come to see a hot a sexy show and they make the most of the opportunity. Who will be the one to make our guys cum, that is the question here and as her girlfriends look on this horny brunette demonstrates her cock sucking technique in front of the whole room!
Wild women with male strippers at crazy cfnm blowjob nights and bachelorette parties that are out of control. The shoe is on the other foot today and our boys are there simply as sex toys for the lusty ladies. This is what really goes on behind closed doors when you take a group of excited and bored women and introduce some male strippers to dance naked and tease them with a nude mans penis.

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The fun in the office continues for this small group of female employees who sneak off to an unused office for a little private show. This girl has been teased for too long with naked men and penises dangling in her face that she’s ready for something a little more and is in desperate need of satisfaction between her now soaking wet pussy! Luckily our male stripper is happy to oblige her and give the some of the other wild women a quality sex show.

Still in her work clothes and pantyhose this horny princess jumps straight up on her bosses desk and spreads her legs for this lucky male stripper who wastes no time sliding his hard cock into her tight cunt. As he works up a load of cum to deposit on her face the other girls watch on in amazement and lust and excitedly cheer and clap as their work friend is sprayed with cum! Unbelieveable!!! I just want to know where this place is so I can apply for a job with these penis obsessed sluts.